(See the 2018 list. All you need is to be a Canadian citizen who has lived in the Yukon for at least one year. The Quebec Investor Visa Gives the Canadian Permanent residency Visa to Business Owners and High Net Worth Entrepreneurs and passive Investors wanting to Immigrate to Canada by Investing but not as active entrepreneurs in Canada. It’s time for the latest iteration of our list of the top 10 larger cities in Canada most accessible to immigrants. Pitcairn, South Pacific You might be surprised to hear that the tiny South Pacific island — with its beaches, palm trees, and year-round sun — is having trouble attracting people to live there. Citizenship by Investment in 2021 , Canada is the best country for Immigration .Vancouver Investment Immigration . But with a dwindling population of less than 50, Pitcairn is so keen to attract new residents, it will give you your own plot of land if you move there. Edmonton, home to over 800,000 people, has an average house price of $355,000 (£274,365).It also has one of the least competitive job markets in the country, so it’s a very attractive option compared to Calgary, the other major city in … Once the reference point has been established, the Price Index value of every other city in the database is calculated by comparing their cost of living to the cost of living in Prague. Therefore, if a city has a Price Index of 134, that means that living there is … It’s 2020, which means you can clearly see what’s ahead. It’s a variation on another program, launched earlier this year, that reimburses remote workers up to $10,000 when they move to the state . Vancouver, BC You’ve undoubtedly seen lots of Vancouver on TV, but you might not have known it, as this Canadian metropolis often stands in for New York or Chicago.This versatile West Coast city is the third-largest film production center in North America, annually supporting 42,000 jobs and generating billions of dollars. Canadian … The government defines permanent residence as living in Canada for at least three years in … And despite border closures during the pandemic, international migration from July 2019 to July 2020 accounted for 90 per cent of the growth in Canadian cities. It’s amazing to see so many capital cities on this list, but Alberta’s capital is a surprisingly inexpensive place to live in Canada. Mundare, Alberta If you're invited to become a permanent resident, you must confirm your plans to stay Canadian. 4. )Yes, cities like Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto are on the list once again because of their large communities of new Canadians that can help recent arrivals with their transition towards life in Canada, but we’ve included a few surprises as well. If you fit the bill, you can apply to claim some of that free land for yourself right here . The rural community of 800 lies 80km southwest of the nearest city Dunedin. This is the year to live the dream: Quit your day job and move to a foreign country where it costs so little you … . If you move to Vermont after January 1, 2020, the program will pay as much as $5,000 in some areas, like Burlington, that have larger populations, and as much as $7,500 in most other smaller towns. You’ll pay about 1.9 per cent of your income in property taxes, which should work out to an annual average bill of $1,495, thanks to an average housing price of just $216,000.