Find all lines from movies and series. They’re done. They watched you deny his personal faith convictions, argue his birthplace, and assail his character—all without cause or evidence. I'M DONE WITH YOU has been found in 1411 phrases from 1330 titles. Maybe you need to read what he said again—if he still matters to you. And they don’t mind telling you. And most of all you’ve lost your soul. If you leave early, everyone thinks you're a slacker. They see that all you’re really interested in doing, is making a God in your own ivory image and demanding that the world bow down to it. I put in my 2 week notice at work to pursue a better opportunity. I am sure you lack the courage to post what I have written…but you know..that’s what matters. So nice to be so rightious that you can judge all those peoples hearts while not examining your own. I’m done with you. I was brought in once again and couldn't hold my temper, so I told the manager that I knew she was stealing and blaming it on everyone else. r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. So I ran to my mom to say thanks. That is what is missing from this post… honesty and understanding. I’m done going out of my way to see you or try and make you happy. They recognize the toxic source of your inconsistency. I need to tell you something: People have had it with you. that is required on the web, someone with a little I imagine I’m not alone in my American done-ness. When I was twenty-seven I was in a five-year long relationship. I don’t think I have read through anything like this before. originality! This happened to me as a kid, by my parents, except I was at school. When you have nothing else to say because the topic made you either embarrassed, angry, or laugh too hard. I’m done living in a nation, nearly half of which wants it to be more white, less diverse, and less kind. Feb 11, 2013 - Explore Emily Gates's board "I am So Done With You. The fact that you’ve even made your bed with such malevolence, shows how far gone you are and how insulated you are from the reality in front of you. 5. They recognize this all about white, Republican Jesus—not dark-skinned Jesus of Nazareth. Please tell me the last line was real hahahah, Wow. She fired me on the spot for "harassing her" and told me to pick up my paycheck at the end of the week. Two weeks later, got called back in and got a second warning for "stealing" from the register. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I'm done with. you never welcomed him to your Christian Universities, you never made any effort to affirm his humanity or show the love of Jesus to him in any quantifiable measure. Left the house where I had a PlayStation, came back from school , no PlayStation, but a PS2!!! », s'écria le petit garçon en sautant de sa chaise. I don’t want you to live in a broken marriage. I'm crazy for holding on to this day, but I'm afraid to lose him. Goodbye, Donald. Your willingness to align yourself with cruelty is a costly marriage. You’ve lost any semblance of Christlikeness. Came home and the Game Cube was just gone. droning how many innocent children? I’m done trying to defend you when my friends say I’m wasting my time. Frustrated with the lack of love? I’m done waiting for you to realise that I was worth it, that I was worth at least some kind of effort. if you send your enemy pallets of cash on different airplanes- that’s a problem, if you allow our soldiers to be slaughtered in a hostile land to cover up an illegal arms deal, that’s a problem, if you use branches of your government to target law abiding Americans, that’s a problem, if you destroy the country’s healthcare system just to enrich your cronies who once gave you nice campaign contributions, that’s a problem. I'm Done is a term used in Gaming communities Xbox, PS3 and PC that usually follows You suck or your bad. you never publicly offered prayers for him and his family, I politely explained that it wasn't my job to ensure they did their own due diligence. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. With him, sin has become unimportant, compassion no longer a requirement. With him you’re suddenly able to see some invisible, deeply buried heart. With him, you see only Providence. You Were A Helpful Disaster. See more ideas about quotes, done quotes, im done quotes. your evangelists never publicly thanked God for his leadership, We prayed for him to suceed because if He failed, the country failed. It’s what Jesus would do. Oh you want to be roasted When I'm done with you, you'll go from the jiffy puff marshmallow to a toasted s'more You and I both could use a tan. Person 1. I know it’s likely you’ll dismiss these words. *Gets Raped in CoD4* Person 2. it is those things that people have simply adopted that are just plain out of order. You’re one of the best people I know; One night stand; Posted by summer time saddness on February 9, 2017 in What I wish I'd told you. They could be referring to completing a task that took a long time to work on, finishing a long day of work, or when the person you like is causing you pain. You are so awesome! We don't have all the spices we need for this recipe, but since the weather is so bad, we're just going to have to do with what we have. You’ve lost any moral high ground or spiritual authority with a generation. And yet you give carte blanche to a white Republican man so riddled with depravity, so littered with extramarital affairs, so unapologetically vile, with such a vast resume of moral filth—that the mind boggles. Where is your tolerance in baking every White Evangelical into one big pie? Went to pick up my check and the cunt manager had forged my signature, cashed my check in the store and took around $250 out, leaving me with $57. « J'ai fini ! the little boy shouted, and leaped out of his chair. you never spoke of offering him forgiveness or mercy, If you were going through hardships but decided to quit, you are not through.. you are done. I'm done with Google. You’ve lost an audience with millions of wise, decent, good-hearted, faithful people with eyes to see this ugliness. You can say it's about time to show them how a search engine can be as unpopular as it is popular. And through it all, White Evangelicals—you never once suggested that God placed him where he was, I had an ex-employer try to pull this on me, sans the lawyer. It has been an astonishing conversion to behold: a being born again. I wish I would have let you know that you never deserved someone like me. Press J to jump to the feed. - You missed a spot. Mar 15, 2017 - Explore Inspirational Quotes's board "I'm over it / I'm done quotes" on Pinterest. My friend, I’m done with you, with this measly relationship you call friendship that I am. I'M DONE WITH YOU quotes. you never gave him the benefit of the doubt in any instance, Stop wasting your time on trying to make people who’ve their mind set to change their mind. The earlier, the better. At least, we had the weeksary. informal (I'm finished eating) j'ai fini expr "I'm done!" I long to see God heal your marriage. You jettisoned Jesus as you dispensed damnation on him. But yet, despite what I tell you, there was just something in me that was screaming and gnawing at my soul that I … We can post anything! We can see where the real hate and hypocriticy lies. Why I’m done with relationships. Nov 29, 2016. 2.4K likes. You’ve lost the plot. 0 Comments. The next day at work, I get a meeting invite for what I expected to be an exit interview. example: when you have gone "through" hardships, you ARE through.. not done. Am waiting for Trump to tell them to put 666 on their foreheads – because they will, they are that brainwashed and stupid (and ignorant). "Wow!" I'm Done; Prev Poem. Now, I only smoke menthol and when I started looking through the tickets, I was finding cartons that had been charged that definitely didn't belong to me. ", followed by 247 people on Pinterest. Employees where I work are required to schedule off a minimum of 30 days in advance. What I’m getting at you knuckle dragging imbecile is OBAMA WAS THE BIGGEST CROOK- He obtained the WH illegally and continued his lawless lifestyle while in office. It's a little too personal, but it is true . There are just certain things that you can't deal with any longer. When I came home and my son told me his stepmom boxed up his PlayStation while he was playing it so she could sell it. Hace mu cho t ie mpo, yo me divorcié del mundo; recibí mi certificado de divorcio m uy rápidamente, c uando [...] 22K likes. Meanwhile, you could charge things to be taken out of your paycheck and I had done it once with a pack of cigarettes. I accepted and fell in love with you the way you were and I would have lasted like that for a thousand years more, but the feeling wasn’t mutual. By all means – be impressed by the man who wears a better fitting suit! With him, you suddenly find religion. Never got to the Monthsary. I made the page "I'm Done With You" because I've been hurt too many times by the same boy. The lawyer demands to know where I'm going to work, and starts shouting threats to ruin me with legal action for violating the non-compete agreement (I wasn't). do with (something) To cope or manage to do something without all the resources that one would ideally like to have. Good news! And White Evangelicals, all those people who have had it with you—they see it all clearly. If you ever read this, you… They’re irritated with you all the time. Never heard Trump claim to be a Christian. I love you but damn it, YOU … I had an exit interview at a horrible place this one time. I walk in, and HR and the corporate lawyer are there. Because I really did think you were different. I’m done staring at a phone wondering when you’ll answer. I was feeling so worthless because I thought, this is what I’m worth. Here is the true hypocracy! Gaslighting Assad? Within a month, I got called into the manager's office and was scolded for "stealing" money from the register, even though I knew I hadn't done it. Goodbye Love Poem. Seriously.. many thanks for starting this up. In your example, if you said “I’m done playing this board game” in a neutral tone, it would just mean that the game is over. And the change in you is unmistakable. Most of the time when we say those two words it’s only proven to be true when it’s an accomplishment to be proud or excited about, or after something that … As a whole, Obama was not attacked by the hate leveled at Trump. We didn’t have Antifa style violance against Obama of the seething hate that anti Trumpers continue to display. They want nothing to do with you any longer, and here’s why: They see your hypocrisy, your inconsistency, your incredibly selective mercy, and your thinly veiled supremacy. I’m done sitting around waiting for you to realise that I was always there by your side whenever you needed me. Attacks on Trump’s morality by people who gave Clinton a pass. Signalez une erreur ou suggérez une amélioration. But I had to at least try to reach you. When I refused to tell them, they asked me how they were supposed to know whether or not I was going to work for a competitor. your pastors never took to the pulpit to offer solidarity with him, This website is something Everything you do bothers them: the sound of your breathing, the clothes you’re wearing, the way you eat, the sound of your voice, etc. She didn't know what I was talking about. If you come into work early, no one ever notices. I got a written warning for leaving when the bell rung at the end of the day because my manager didn't come in until 10 and assumed I wasn't putting in the extra effort. So every one of them is a devil on their way to hell? Bombing all those muslim countries for no valid reason (except american imperialism – and serving the rich elite who put him in power – not valid though is it?)? Evangelicals can be any political or theological stripe they choose. Featured Shared Story. Yes, you’ve gained a Supreme Court seat, a few months with the Presidency as a mouthpiece, and the cheap high of temporary power—but you’ve lost a whole lot more. I want God to say to each of us, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” I want to see you and your husband have a strong, healthy, vibrant, godly marriage as you seek to do … Next Poem . I'm done interj interjection: Exclamation--for example, "Oh no!" [...] bill of divorcement-the world said, "We have done with you"-and I replied, "I have done with you. . (as well as all the other innocent citizens)? A Friend Said President Biden's Inauguration Was a "Sad Day For America". I had so much progress on that Animal Crossing file. I’m done being available to you anytime you called or texted. Thank goodness Trump was elected to clean up the mess that that loon Obama created. Jodi itemizes the physiological effects of this cunning and insidious condition, which is threating many teens (as well as adults), today. The manager asked where I was going to work after, I told him it was none of his business, he kind of stuttered looked at me and said something like "But it's on the form, you have to answer.". He earned a BA from Lafayette College, an MFA in Poetry from Sarah Lawrence College, and a PhD in English from Temple University. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. They see that pigmentation and party are your sole deities. I’m So Done with You, Jodi Aman dissects ANXIETY! Manager caught wind of it and fired her immediately. This is what happens when the Democrat Party is run by Soros, a man who said it was his hobby to destroy us. If it would effectively prevent you from getting a job in your field, it's almost never legal. Owner: Samantha They see that you aren’t burdened to love the least, or to be agents of compassion, or to care for your Muslim, gay, African, female, or poor neighbors as yourself. I'm Done With You. Love, I'm Done with You By Ross Gay About this Poet Ross Gay was born in Youngstown, Ohio. God hates divorce (Malachi 2). as if I gave a damn what you thought John…. So great to discover someone with a few unique thoughts on this topic. No I won't forgive you No I won't come back to you I'm done, I'm done, I'm done I'm done with you Girl, you can't say I tried Deny everything but I know you lied An unknown phone call in the middle of the night You so see through like poltergeist I trusted you, not your disguise You playin' these games but you … Really. Finding Nemo (2003) 00:06:14 - OK, I'm done. I’ve done everything to prove to you that you have me and you’ve done nothing but fail me over and over again. you are a loser, and too stupid to understand what the issues are- In fact, they openly criticize everything you do that irritates them. This year I’m done with you. White Evangelicals, This is Why People Are Through With You, No, You’re Not Tired of Being “Politically Correct”. Receive notifications of new posts by email. Dear White Evangelicals, I need to tell you something: People have had it with you. With him, all is forgiven without repentance or admission. But if you if the game wasn’t finished and you got fed up because you were losing, you could say/yell “I’m done playing this board game!” and storm off! I've removed Google from my bookmark and as my homepage and I will no longer be using them as a reliable search engine. Sup got to digging more and found charges had been made on ALL employee accounts, some as much as several hundred dollars that had been taken out of their checks weekly. Meanwhile, you could charge things to be taken out of your paycheck and I had done it once with a pack of cigarettes. I called every number you could think of about it and that store was shut down less than a month later. Leader of a party that rigged it’s own primaries? Your poem made me cry only because I feel the exact way at this very moment. And I know you don’t realize it, but you’re digging your own grave in these days; the grave of your very faith tradition. Turns out my stepdad sold my PS1 and bought himself a PS2 I was never allowed to touch. They are BOTH as bad as one another. Worked at a grocery store in a small town after leaving my ex and moving states. One was covert, the other overt. I cannot do this anymore, to be at you call every time, I want a life of my own so I’m getting it. Evangelicals are proud to be independent, autonomous, and non-denominational. Advanced search. For eight years they watched you relentlessly demonize a black President; a man faithfully married for 26 years; a doting father and husband without a hint of moral scandal or the slightest whiff of infidelity. Un oubli important ? Btw, we hired Trump be the president, not our pastor. Dallas Buyers Club (2013) 01:06:25 I’m done with you. Her work- book format, keen professional knowledge and clear writing style seems to immediately develop a trusting relationship with the reader. They naturally resist social democrats, socialism and being characterized by the MSM. You would be surprised how often a non-compete falls through. o_O. With him, you’re now willing to offer full absolution. Because I didn’t want them to be right about you. “I’m done” is a common phrase said by people almost every single day. I don’t know what you speak of regarding the attacks be every single White Evangelical on Obama. I talked to my supervisor and she started looking through receipts, etc and found that my drawer was completely balanced, maybe short or over by a few pennies here and there. See more ideas about me quotes, words, words of wisdom. Get your head out of your A$$ you ignorant putz and read….and pontificate a whole lot less than you do. If all Muslims were grouped together in a attack you would be taking to the streets, but this is ok. You violently opposed him at every single turn—without offering a single ounce of the grace you claim as the heart of your faith tradition. Priceless. 28 days. The woman was (is) beautiful, kind, smart, athletic… she was basically perfect. At that point, Fuck a smooth transition--I spent the next 2 weeks taking 3 hour lunches, chatting with friends in the halls and doing ZERO work. Fall in love with yourself. They saw you brandish Scriptures to malign him and use the laziest of racial stereotypes in criticizing him. They want nothing to do with you any longer, and here’s why: They see your hypocrisy, your inconsistency, your incredibly selective mercy, and your thinly veiled supremacy. 28 days. Not to mention it was my birthday gift. I'm Sad For Her. "I'm done" is more related to completing a task while "I'm through" is more related to overcoming a situation or maybe a series of tasks. Movie quotes. Things had been nothing but positive at that job, but it was time to move on. As with every emotion that we … They are open to a free market capitalist. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! They see that you aren’t interested in perpetuating the love of God or emulating the heart of Jesus. You just got raped, nuff said i'm done . Now, I only smoke menthol and when I started looking through the tickets, I was finding cartons that had been charged that definitely didn't belong to me. Meiying Ng. Started coming in 2 - 3 hours early for the extra work that I was given (hours were 10-6). I wish they would have ever had that "enough's enough" moment.