(Confident) My dear young lady. It tries to hide from her. Oh that's him all right. Oh you pesky birds! . That's no way to talk to Vixey! I wonder what her name is? Squeeks has crawled onto a telephone line. Come on, Chief! He struggles to get up, but is too weak as the bear approaches by circling around him. But but but. I'll go over tonight when Chief and the hunter are sound asleep. Dinky: Button your beak! Me and old Chief are gonna teach you all about huntin'. Chief (amused): Oh lay off, Copper. JOHNNY HERO                (re: the fallen knife)           Go ahead, tough guy. We'll get him this time. Big Mama (laughing): Oh my goodness. Hoo hoo! I don't know. Tod stops and pants. Movies. . I was sure I heard someone knocking. [185] In its lifetime, the film grossed ₹743 million and collected a share of ₹431 million and was declared a profitable film for its distributors on a whole. Dinky (glowered): Look at that little creep. Your average overworked and underpaid script reader slaving away in some Hollywood hotshot’s Century City office Copper stops and thinks. He's having a dream. They both fly off. She lovingly pets him. Widow: Oh! Amos: You can't keep him locked up forever! [The camera fades to a close-up of the widow sitting]. The sounds of barking dogs follow. Tod tries to get up one more time but then, reluctantly, stays. He spots a hole.) Temper! Tod emerges from the water and stumbles to the shore after defeating the monstrous antagonist. Everybody scrambles out. He then limps back to his pillow and gets comfortable. Suddenly, Tod starts barking eagerly. Tod: Ha ha! . Tod: (he jumps to the ground.) And next time I won't miss! Tod looks at the spill and flinches guiltily. Check it once, check it twice and then by golly, check it again! Tod: Look, don't worry. Suddenly, she hears laughter. Widow: Come on now. Big Mama watches them swim from a tree, nearly getting splashed on. (Pause) Hey! Copper looks up and starts sniffing the air. Dinky: Okay, Boomer. If they can't you need to go back and trim the fat! Bleh. Tod (frowning): No, Copper! Hmph. Dinky: Do I look like worm? Big Mama: You're right. I think I hear somethin'. He points his gun at the hole, and Copper growls. Dinky regains consciousness as Boomer reaches the top of the drain pipe. But he won't be drinkin' any. The fish swims into the log, and Tod tries to follow it. It vibrates like crazy, and Dinky becomes dizzy. Now mark the beat shift with a line from the left edge of the script all the way across to the right edge. Copper and Tod continue playing. Copper looks behind and sees Tod. Because he's got the hunter, and the hunter's got the gun. Children who lose their temper will lost everything else in the end! [The camera fades to a shot of Amos' car motoring down a road], [The camera changes to a shot of Big Mama's tree]. Amos lifts his gun and fires. Big Mama: Oh. He looks back, sees Boomer, and squirms away. Big Mama: Neither one of you sees your natural boundaries. Wanna try it, Copper? Tod: Oh that won't make any difference. At the top of the slope, Tod finds a stack of lumber. Lack of Education. The closing notes to the music finish the film as Tod and Vixey cuddle. Come on, Chief. . I can smell my way back. 3. . Copper: Tod, I'm serious. As they move along, Chief spots a rabbit. Dinky and Boomer fly on screen and land on a branch. Boomer hammers into the tree, almost hitting Dinky. The bridge buckles, and cracks, but sends Tod falling off balance. With an inventory of over 8,000 items available for sale at propstore.com we're proud to offer you the chance to own the ultimate movie collectable. Vixey sniffs the flower then sneezes. She stops the car and carries Tod out. Binding -- Two solid brass paper fasteners (1 1/4") a.k.a ‘brads’ should be used to bind the script. Wasn't it, honey? Big Mama: Honey. That's not what I smell. Dinky: Hey kid! After Andhrawala (2004), Puri Jagannadh and N. T. Rama Rao Jr. unsuccessfully tried to collaborate for another movie several times. A look of extreme shock comes over Tod's face. Why it's. it's a. . . KissAnime Anti-Adblock Blocker JS - Not even the people from Easylist seem to fight this site anymore, someone had to try as this looks popular enough. A shot is fired, but it misses. She laughs and the butterfly flies away. Copper yelps loudly and falls down onto the ground. A real killer. She drives down the road. Copper fearlessly lunges at the bear by jumping onto his back, and bites into his neck, and tries to fight him while snarling and biting and trying bravely to defend his injured master. He's standing at the door and carrying a gun. Dinky: He won't get away this time. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie … Steady. Copper: I don't know yet. He has a piece of wood and the caterpillar around his beak. . Boomer picks up Tod's tail and throws it over his shoulders. He jumps as a shot barely misses him. Directed by Puri Jagannadh. How's he do that, Dinky? The car disappears into the distance. He takes off his hat, throws it on the ground, and stomps on it. Boomer stops hammering, and they look into the hole. About your age. A cold wind blows, and he starts to shiver. . Tod runs. Amos is tying down a pile of skins to his car. Just don't get your hopes too high. Vixey runs back to Tod. Vixey: Tod. He periodically gives off a flash of light as he crawls along. Tod (hurt): Hey look I. . Then along comes a hunter with a buckshot load. suspension of disbelief and really irritates a professional. © Amos comes out of the house, carrying a shotgun. It's not my fault, you know. If it's the last thing I do I'll. Amos: There they are! The dog wakes up. The fox looks behind. They both scramble inside as the shot misses. A sniffing nose presses itself into his ear. Maybe you were looking for one of these terms? Tod. It's me. Vixey: Listen. Widow (more sadly): I recall those rainy days. You're a feisty little rascal. Now don't… don't you move, honey. Copper stops counting and sniffs around the tree stump. We got him for sure, now. Big Mama starts singing. Now. Tod (terrified): Aah! [Camera change to Copper and Chief's barrels]. Boomer taps at the glass, and both he and Dinky are zapped by electricity. Tod: Hey Copper. . He is now floating in water. Hassle in the Castle (Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! He then places his head down beside the puppy. Get back in there before I break your other leg. why that's awful! The gun lands on a tree and falls out of Amos' reach as the bear chases after the frightened hunter and continues to pursue him. Copper then turns and starts sniffing some more. The scene changes to Tod and Vixey running up a slope. I hope it never ends. Avoid the flimsy Staples kind. Boy, has he grown big. Tod: Oh no. A flock of chickens pour out, with Tod running right behind. Widow: Your foot is mendin' fine. Big Mama: If only the world wouldn't get in the way. Copper barks and runs around excitedly. He heads over to Copper, who is tied up to his barrel and howling anxiously. Using a script formatter like Script Studio will automatically put your screenplay into the correct format, saving you time and hassle. . Tod stops running and looks back down the slope. Big Mama: Honey! It's been kinda lonesome around here without you little rascals. Dinky hops around, thinking. She walks over to a stream then looks back at Tod. Here comes a whopper! var year = currentDate.getFullYear(); Suddenly, Chief spots him and chases. . . Squeeks looks down from within the branch and breathes a sigh of relief. You're such a little toddler. Laughing, Tod follows, and together they walk through the forest. The choral music to "Goodbye May Seem Forever" picks up. It's you again! Tod: I know all the tricks. With their friendship restored, they go their separate ways. Big Mama: Well. Reading a good script should be just like watching a good movie. The dog licks its mouth and barks excitedly. [The camera fades to a brief shot of Amos' winter cabin], [The camera opens on another day of hunting]. As Tod walks along, he just barely misses stepping in a jaw trap. It talked about concepts like, 'Who is God?' Tod looks up in fear and sees Amos, who, having escaped from his last trap, is seen pointing his gun right at him. The widow is cooking something on the stove. Amos whistles again. Big Mama: Life's a happy game. Dialogue should be spaced 2 1/2" from the left margin. Copper: 1. . Dinky and Boomer fly over to some kind of shed and push it open. Dinky then wakes up Big Mama. You. He misses. We ain't gonna do none of that. The cow moos in alarm, and Widow Tweed is knocked off her stool. Widow Tweed is bandaging Amos' hurt foot, that was caught by his own evil trap and got freed eventually. Amos: She dropped that fox off at the game preserve. Get out, Tod! Several skins are stretched out on racks outside. Okay. Boomer: Hoo hoo hoo! You're fair game as far as he's concerned. Amos: Well for gosh sakes! Big Mama (sternly): You'd better believe it, Tod. Why didn't you. D-do you think you can catch one? . You're all tied up! Amos appears over a small hill. Get out of the way! . "Best of Friends" finishes playing. MAX lines per page:  52 – 56 (including blank lines). Dinky flies off, followed by Boomer. The leaves start to fall. The pup looks up at them curiously. Widow (anger gone): Now. You gotta think nasty! [180], Temper lost many screens across the world due to new releases Bandipotu and Gayakudu and a couple of dubbed films because of which it witnessed a huge drop in its business. She looks down and sees Tod, who's all grown now and covered with leaves. If you gotta have a busted leg, this is the way to do it. Note: Hollywood Script Express has you covered, providing all the recommended materials to ensure your script is professionally presented! Dinky (shivers): Jiminy. Tod happily runs off someplace else. The man pulls out a puppy. She places the pup down beside the fence, giving it some affection. For example, FBI agents outside a bank siege who are shouting through a megaphone. Then suddenly, a big shadow appears in front of Amos from within the bushes. Sonny, you've got a lot of learnin' to do about a-sniffin' and a-smellin'. It can be a Narrator or Inner thoughts of a character on screen, or it can simply be a disembodied voice coming over a radio, telephone or speaker that the filmmakers can later add in post production. The porcupine sighs sadly and shakes his head. Now calm down. Suddenly, they are blinded by flashing multi-colored lights. Big Mama looks up at them. A good trick is to find any place where you have used a Camera Cue and simply WRITE what that movement would reveal. [The camera fades to a shot of the road in front of the farm]. You're going to have to be patient with Tod. Not only would your script be ruined but maybe that hotshot producer’s jacket as well! Ha ha! They didn't even ask how I'm feelin'. Now I'm thinkin' though. Bee Movie Script - Dialogue Transcript According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. all the. For a moment, he doesn't see Tod. And I'd rather have a dog than a dollar. Who can say if there's a way? That's easy. Tod glances up in anger then sadly moves on. . Widow Tweed tries to maintain control of the car. In the bottom right corner add your contact information, including your address, phone and e-mail. He chases after it. Big Mama: Well, honey. As they fight, Copper rakes his teeth across the bear's muzzle, creating a deep wound and antagonising him even more. The music suddenly stops. Dinky looks down behind them and spots the catterpillar. Chief walks over to the car's front seat and is surprised to see Copper sitting there. Cheer him up. Now go ahead and close your eyes and count. Forest animals can be heard. Everybody laughs. He then steps back to scratch his ears. The widow rushes over to the cow to try and calm her down. The photo is of Tod celebrating his first birthday. Tod doesn't get the clue and starts to walk away. . Tod is looking out, seeming rather sad. Amos: Well. The flames shoot inside the burrow. Copper returns the smile. Big Mama: Oh, he's young. Give a little hoot and a holler! [The camera fades to a close-up of a photograph]. He jumps into her arms. He then proceeds to the end of the log. Big Mama: Well. [He walks forward and pets Copper] Come on, boy. Young Tod: And we'll always be friends forever. Tod: Uh oh! She reaches over for a watering can. It starts to rain. A fox and a hound. It ain't a badger. Chief is pulled off his feet. That Copper pup's gone and strayed off again. Boomer gets his head stuck in the hole and pulls himself out. Boomer: Yeah. Tod grows alert. Tod. Below is an example of how the cover page and script binding works. Copper: I wanna find out what that smell is. When the train passes, Tod gets up and looks over. Amos: Well boys. Tod: Oh. Ideally it can be enjoyed cover to cover in a single 90 minute to 2 hour session and have the audience (reader) sucked in from the first page to the last. Uh oh! Copper (serious): You'd better get out of here before old Chief wakes up. Suddenly, he hears someone approaching and goes back underneath. That's a. . Don't move. He tries to go back to sleep, but the puppy walks underneath his head, falling asleep on one of his front paws. . Wanna play? The man pulls out a sack from the car. She sighs sadly and looks at Tod, who is hiding under the stove, now knowing that her pet is no longer safe. [The camera follows them through several scenes of running before they stop]. He looks over to a nearby bush and sniffs the air. Copper tumbles to the ground, injured, and looks up at the bear. Chief: How do you like that? He follows it playfully. He's a huntin' dog now. Now I've got me the best two dogs there is. He jumps onto a tree trunk, bounds to another, and hides in some bushes. Note: It is as close to a Camera Cue as you can get away with! He watches the wildlife for a moment. I'm not gonna harm you. Big Mama suddenly floats down and lands next to Tod. Big Mama: The forest is beautiful this morning. (She puts Tod down.) Dinky peers inside. And now I find we're both alone. Dinky: Shh shh. A loud thunderclap frightens him, and he darts into a burrow. [The camera moves back to the widow's car]. [The camera changes to outside her house]. He stops and looks around. Amos keeps his gun aimed at Tod. Won't we, Big Mama? This is the place! Widow: Huh! Show results for all languages. When there is a strong message to convey and a subject dealing with contemporary social issue, NTR pegs up his performance and the same happened here. He then grows frightened and hides behind the stove. They spot a family of quails. Amos (concerned): Watch it! Obviously films over two hours do get made all the time, but new writers who are trying to get their foot in Hollywood’s door should hang on to that 4 hour epic until you are an established player!