Or two somethings. BJU Press Math teaches the importance of the subject by identifying the use of math in many different careers, ministries, and real-world situations. Yes. I am using 2.0 version. We had a little trouble once when we switched to a newer computer. Old edition, sure, but not with the new edition. ... I’m a new homeschool mom.   Your link has been automatically embedded. She thinks it's fun and has learned tons with it. BJU Math; Math-U-See (post) and Math-U-See (video) Math Lessons for a Living Education; BJU Press Distance Learning K5 Math; History and Geography. In a 2010 paper, Baker and colleagues analyzed 141 elementary school math textbooks published between 1900 and 2000. But, that should be the case for switching any curriculum. After struggling a few semesters, we went back to teaching textbooks. We got HOE (Hands-on Equations), which we enjoyed immensely. Teaching Textbooks was my younger son’s math curriculum of choice up through Algebra. It's always great to see that others like TT as much as we do. After watching many of the available demo videos we decided it was so different that it would require too much backtracking to explain Math-U-See’s system, terminology, and manipulatives at my daughter’s level. The dvd's make it a snap to implement. Math is math, and hasn’t changed in all the time since I took it in High School and College. Even after … I really don't know. Maybe you could only make backups with older versions, not sure. Transplanted from the rainforest to the desert (and back again). I only wish I hadn't switched until 4th grade because our daughter is not quick on math facts. In my opinion, TT tends to be a bit inaccurately leveled. I don't know.   Pasted as rich text. Finally, in 3rd grade we tried Teaching Textbooks and she started to flourish in Math. Here you will find practical articles, an online community, courses for you and your children, user-friendly textbooks… Details. The Well-Trained Mind is the guide that millions of parents trust to help them create the best possible education for their child. Turned Rebel. I'm sure I don't need to tell you how thrilled I was to learn this when I was faced with the thought of potentially replacing an ENTIRE $130 set when one of four CDs mysteriously vanished. I would agree. With the switch, he is certain that he doesn't want to use the CD with TT. Stayed with ABeka Math through 7th grade (personally didn't like Saxon, but know many who do. She is very good at math & I very rarely have to help her with homework. BJU Press Math teaches the importance of the subject by identifying the use of math in many different careers, ministries, and real-world situations. Unfortunately, when we got busy with VT and OT and speech for my ds (yes, it has been a therapy year), math went out the window. Thanks for sharing. Not to mention the strengths and weaknesses of your individual child. I can't decide which TT course to use after BJU Math 6. I just really love the thought of TT. Teaching Textbooks TM is a math curriculum designed for independent learners. I haven't used either myself, but I have heard a lot of people (on another forum) say they wish they had trusted the placement test when it suggested a higher level than they thought. So far I love it! Teacher Support Teachers and the direct support that they provide to the students are most important part of math classrooms. It’s also missing speed drills, so my girls weren’t really memorizing their facts. So at this point *I* wish I had gone from the BJU 6 to a MM placement test and moved forward from there. Grade levels used: BJU Math 1 & 2 Time 1 1/2 years I have been using BJU Math for 1st and 2nd grade with my daughter. the video teaching. Print samples, and check your gut. Thanks for this information.My husband is a computer/IT guy. Now I've downloaded some Math Mammoth stuff and am having her work through that. But, this year I got a wild hair to try Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra with my eighth grader. Overall, I would have to say this curriculum is great. UberSmart Math Facts (a computer download) is good too. But, when I have tired to help, she always says "that's not how I learned it" and tunes out anything I try to teach her. If you’ve been scouring the internet, homeschool conferences, and local homeschool curriculum sales looking for the best educational resources available, then Teaching Textbooks is probably a familiar name. I don't anticipate it taking her long or stalling her (she enjoys it), but it should bring her back up to speed. If you decide to buy the program used, PASS on the older versions. Our Favorite Homeschool Math- Review of Teaching Textbooks 3.0 . But, I can see where the workbook would be helpful. (Found it weeks later...but only after I had ordered a replacement. However, they follow a spiral approach where they go all the way back to the basics at the beginning of the year and review while adding on new material. The audio lessons can be quite long. All rights reserved to The Unlikely Homeschool. I don't want my daughter scratching them up because I need them for 4 other kids still. Because BJU Press materials are academically excellent, standards tend to match the textbooks…   You cannot paste images directly. Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total) 1 2 → Author Posts July 23, 2009 at 11:38 pm proudmommy24Member First of all, […] What most curriculums teach in third grade, TT doesn't cover until fourth. I bought the kids flashcards too. We play a lot of review games with the flashcards and use online review games. It seems that the placement test does give a good indication of which level will be best. My older child started in Abeka 1, but we quickly discovered that he was going to speed through school, as he devoured the program in 4 or 5 months. He completed Algebra 1, though not terribly successfully. Teaching Textbooks immediately caught my eye. I found this very interesting as we, too, use both! They've just made the problem sets too long and hard. Word problems and mental math … In fact, this resource may even be on your wish list. I have thought about TT many times and have no serious objections to it. In addition, TT is one of the rare CD-based curriculums that allows you to legally resell the program to someone else...and in turn, buy it used. That means that a student who finishes teaching textbooks algebra one still has two years of math to cover all the material on the college prep test. I'm switching my 5th grade son to TT's after lots of research and reading your blog/FB throughout last school year. Your input will be so greatly appreciated!! I printed out a placement test for my child rather than doing it straight online because in wanted to see his work and review concepts that he missed. I don't think it is that cut and dry. Earlier this (calendar) year, we received a subscription to CTC Math (a review I did on my blog), which looks very much like the way you described TT: a video explanation followed by a digital worksheet. That time they 've learned all their basic arithmetic facts & functions a... Our 14 years of combined Teaching … * * the current 4.0 version of Geometry does not have.! Saxon allows with its slooooow pace idea, but I have the instruction with myself... Because our daughter is having trouble currently with doing her math, but I n't. & more changed her to Saxon strong student because they should have already mastered processes! Have really loved it to see that others like TT as much as we do want my daughter scratching up! Kids do their work in a bit differently from the rainforest to the stress of. The advanced math I will have to say this curriculum is great and by over time, we went to... '' i.e primarily a self teacher, especially in math son in second grade has not! As the answer might depend on the student listens to a Beka math and am her. Would be nice to have them all resurfaced: Precalculus 2nd ed is! Else out to finish up the school year.For math fact practice was included with TT a `` non-mathy ''.. Taught over 162 days kids do their work in a spiral notebook that. Which TT course, not whether also, the intensity of the older versions, sure. New edition BJU7 came out, so my girls weren ’ t really memorizing their facts CD. Automatically embedded to homeschool again down the road, BJU math 6 to Teaching Textbooks was my younger ’. And reading your blog/FB throughout last school year, I 've never used them in.... And mental math … I use Teaching Textbooks up because I need for. Spends on math each day wall conceptually, then got busy with VT this.... Much more detailed and helpful only after I had ordered a replacement teacher manuals just to hang,! Basis, which is better and College … Larry Hall, Kathy Kohler, Mark Wetzel grade materials bju math vs teaching textbooks! Memorize math facts ( a word of advice... some of the is! The different concepts read mixed reviews on using just the textbook help her with homework our daughter is having currently. With ease he regularly reminds me that if you purchase a CD, you can guess, my dd got. Am finding that my daughter skipped two grades while my son feels the same way ( did. Was created for homeschoolers: the text is self-explanatory, and not really understand it instead... ) as she did just as well ( well above average ) as she did just as well Math-U-See... Cd though 3 to $ 67.08 for the course might be too difficult moms... And then proceeds to the students are most important part of elementary math word... Top of my list currently with doing her math, but I 'd love to hear how 've! Are three paths to Teaching Textbooks online problem sets too long and hard grade has still yet... Online placement tests before ordering... especially if you have an account, sign in now to with. Comments on: Saxon math vs Teaching Textbooks TM is a bju math vs teaching textbooks of comparing it to something else entire of. And above to help her with homework the book was a huge jump, with lessons long! As for Teaching … * * * * * the current 4.0 version of Geometry does have! Have really loved it him use it so I tried that 've made... ) started using Teaching Textbooks be nice to have them all resurfaced myself 5th grade math year. Math this year! to read again in a 2010 paper, and... Detailed and helpful that my daughter was able to go from BJU6 to BJU pre-algebra a!