Users can access and input geospatial information about the watershed and low-impact development, fish, wildlife and habitat projects in the area. Though it was a long hike, we all had a lot of fun and agreed that it was certainly an adventure. Further, rocks, logs and other underwater obstacles pose hazards. The overcast skies turned to rain as Melissa put her wet feet into the lake and we huddled under some trees to eat lunch. Perched on the confluence of the Fraser River and the Pitt River, the city of Port Coquitlam is a perfect destination not only for outdoor enthusiasts but for everyone looking forward to a wonderful vacation. Copy and paste one per line: ASL SKU or EZCode followed by quantity separated by a comma or tab. The rivers name comes from a Halkomelem word meaning stinking of fish slime. Copy and paste one per line: ASL SKU or EZCode followed by quantity separated by a comma or tab. Expect the float to take about 3 hours, This is a more intense float, with multiple rapids sections. Have fun!. Approx. Travelers Beware: Destination Addiction is a Real Thing. It's also possible to continue on to the merge with the Kettle River if you want to try an alternate route Between the Kettle and the Granby, Grand Forks is among the best floating destinations in North America. Major Water drainage issue, large mud holes. Water levels can get quite shallow, so best not to attempt too late in the year. The wet bushes and trees didn’t help either, as they soaked through our pants. After that, the river got a bit deeper and less rocky; with sticks, we were able to propel ourselves better. While Lambert Way has no postings presently on the market, the community of Hockaday has 9 properties for sale. Up at the first lake, which was more of a marsh, we ran into a lot of bugs. The Coquitlam River watershed is a typical example of watersheds in the region. The trail follows close to the river and provides many opportunities to dip your feet in the cooling waters of the river. The average peak flow was 8.87 m3/s. Coquitlam is accessed via Hwy 1 or Hwys 7 or 7A. At the end of your float, you'll arrive at Davidson's Pools and Hot Rocks. The full route takes around 4 hours. Make sure to get out at the steps before you go under the bridge and into Skaha Lake. This wilderness loop allows for spectacular viewing of the Cowichan River and forest. Going earlier in the Summer would be best as the water level will be higher. The … Short 2 meter jumps into the river (a deep Reviewed August 18, 2014 . COQUITLAM RIVER - PORT COQUITLAM The river can be shallow, so early Summer is better than later. We ended up losing and chasing after two more tubes, one of my flip flops (later recovered), and Jamie’s sunglasses that were knocked off her head when she flipped over and bumped her head on the rocks. Coquitlam is part of an area known as the Tri-Cities which incorporates Port Moody, Port Coquitlam and Coquitlam. Coquitlam plays host to everything from regional sporting events to international competitions. Fortunately they weren’t mosquitoes; just small flies that liked to buzz into your eyes, mouth, and ears. In the Coquitlam River, where flows are controlled by a dam at the outlet from Coquitlam Lake, seven-day low flows were 0.67 m3/s for a two-year return period and 0.363 m3/s for a ten-year return period. 2-3 hours of leisurely float time. The cool thing about the trail is that the vegetation changed several times as we gained elevation towards alpine meadows. Beautiful Beaches Weren’t Always Paradise, How I Quit My Job to Travel the World for 1-Year, Long, unbearable flights? Earlier this year, there was a local outcry when vandals torched the Little Library at Wellington Park in Port Coquitlam.. Amber Gregory is the Community Connector with United Way Avenues of Change Coquitlam River.She is a long-time Port Coquitlam resident and a passionate community … Multiple downed logs blocking side trails. Multiple entry and exit points are possible, depending on how long you want to float. When the sun went behind the trees, it started getting really cold and we wanted to get out of the river. This commercial grade TubePro vinyl tube is made for river use and glides through the water with ease. Expect to navigate through some little rapids sections. Coquitlam is located north of the Fraser River and Trans-Canada Highway 1. This float starts at the weir in the lake and picks up speed as it gets into the river. Update. Westwood Plateau, River Springs and Burke Mountain are nearby neighborhoods. This route will take around 2-3 hours to complete. This past weekend Yuki and I organized a tubing trip down the Coquitlam River. This is moderately priced but there are a few words of caution. Virtual reality may be the answer…. In the summer, a number of residents often bring their families to the river to enjoy tube rides on hot days. It is 26 km / 16 mi east of downtown Vancouver and about 40 minutes north of the US border.