... Codex - Council-Alliance relations. They are individuals who act either on the Council's orders or on their own initiative, to preserve galactic stability. The STG is composed of small units of salarian operatives who monitor developing situations or undertake covert missions. The salarian councilor explains their position: "the Council's decisions affect trillions of lives across the galaxy, and they cannot act on the say-so of a single person, even a Spectre, without evidence.". For Mass Effect 2 on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Is there any repurcation for saving the council? ". The inhabitants of Citadel Council Space utilize a standardized time system. One of the more interesting Mass Effect fan works I have seen was a crossover between Mass Effect and Eclipse Phase, where the turians made first contact not with humanity, but with transhumanity.. Before even developing FTL or discovering the mass relay, humanity transcends mortality, masters their own biology, and develops AI who can even completely integrate into society. Unfortunately, the predatory yahg misinterpreted the delegation's non-subservient behaviors as an attitude of contempt and promptly slaughtered the delegates. From this, they convinced themselves, and the galaxy at large, that Sovereign was simply a geth construct, painting Saren as the mastermind behind the battle instead. CAT6 | The Paragon choice involves saving the Council, sacrificing human lives in order to preserve the council. Report. Tarak | Each of the Council species has general characteristics associated with the various aspects of governing the galaxy. Warhammer + Mass Effect Crossover. While the elcor content themselves with their home system and a handful of colonies, the asari have settlements across the territory. The Citadel Council is the governing body of the Citadel space station and holds de facto power over all species within Council Space. However, if the original council was left to die, the new human led council is somehow even more ungrateful: they decline to meet or even speak with Shepard, even though they owe their positions and their power entirely to his/her intervention. The volus were the earliest known race that the Council made first contact with; in 200 BCE, the Council granted the volus an embassy at the Citadel in recognition of their contributions to Citadel space, including the Unified Banking Act which established the credit as a standard currency. Meanwhile, one of Cerberus' top agents, Kai Leng, decloaks and attempts to assassinate the Councilor while the opportunity presents itself. Bailey's investigation results in the death of Executor Pallin and Bailey's promotion to Commander, despite Bailey's reservations about Pallin's guilt. Garm | Jaroth | https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/The_Citadel_Council?oldid=3865612. On their first encounter with Commander Shepard, the Citadel Council dismiss all accusations that Saren Arterius is a traitor due to lack of sufficient evidence. Geth | Doctor Saleon | They can provide the Military and Economy power that the Council demand, however they are refused a place because they're still considered newcomers to the Galaxy. i need the outcomes. And I'm not sure what to Each second is half as long as a human second. Though they have no official power over the independent governments of other species, the Council's decisions carry great weight throughout the galaxy. As a reward for their service, the krogan were given a new, pristine homeworld. CDEM also enforces a quarantine around the debris field of Rothla, and maintains a small garrison at Ruam's helium-3 mining stations to prevent the sale of fuel to criminal elements. I choose to let the council die but at the time was sure that was the paragon option and was shocked that it was considered the "renegade" choice. Anderson: Paragorn: - He's a war hero, so he'll try to save as many lifes as possible. It was Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. A Renegade run will talk to them and tell them to shut up. The Council ordered the recently-formed Special Tactics and Reconnaissance division to make a preemptive strike against krogan infrastructures, and the Krogan Rebellions began. First, players can choose to either save the council or fight Sovereign. The Citadel Council are the ruling body governing the Citadel and by extension all Citadel Space who serve as major antagonists throughout the Mass Effect series. Follow/Fav Hammer Effect. This Councilor warns the Commander of Udina's treachery, having learned of it beforehand and that Udina was leading the rest of the Council into a trap laid by Cerberus assassins. The Blue Suns | Scholar is an achievement in Mass Effect. Kai Leng | With the aid of Ambassador Udina, they also ground the Normandy to prevent any unauthorized intervention, forcing Shepard to steal it back. For a start, the Citadel was revealed to be a giant Mass Relay , and a trap. Shepard manages to escape the Citadel, but the Council had no time to retaliate, as they are soon faced with a massive geth armada led by Sovereign. 20 Insane Mass Effect Fan Theories That Will Floor You While Mass Effect games do follow a specific plot, they also leave a lot up to interpretation. Though the Council as a whole remains fairly reasonable throughout the game, Councilor Sparatus goes out of his way to criticize and condemn Shepard at every turn, regardless of what decisions Shepard makes. Donnel Udina serves as humanity's representative to the Council regardless of previous circumstances, Anderson having resigned and resumed Alliance duties if he originally had the post. Mass Effect Reapers. Ironically, Paragon players find themselves with an unexpected supporter in the form of Councillor Sparatus: having recognized his error in opposing Shepard's preparations, he offers important advice on how to secure the Council's aid - namely by going over their heads and appealing directly to their home planets, ultimately leading to the rescue of Primarch Victus and the first step in gaining the trust of the Council. The Citadel Council was formed around 3000 years before the setting of Mass Effect. The Citadel Council manages to persuade the Hierarchy to aid them in the war against the Krogan. I am just starting to play the Mass Effect series so no major Mass Effect 2 or 3 spoilers please. The Blood Pack | Next Last. Initially the Council is reluctant to bow to the pressure from Ambassador Udina, but proof of Saren Arterius' treachery, and Saren's vendetta against humans, forced their hand. - He has a 'cool' personality, willing to listen when necessary. During this time the Council continued to explore the galaxy, encountering new races with varied success. The Council's most important peacekeeping force is the Citadel Fleet, which polices Citadel space and guards the Citadel itself. If the original Council died, the new Council will refuse to meet with Shepard. I've a few personal reasons of why they're either, though I haven't played ME2 nor 3 yet. The Citadel Council was formed around 3000 years before the setting of Mass Effect. But just when Shepard returns to the Citadel, the Council suffers a betrayal from within. For Advertising Inquiries, email ads@chmedia.com Henry Lawson | Renegade: - He'll priorize the defenses on human colonies first. Even the adaptive Salarians had no defense against the various EMP-based weaponry that the miniaturized mass-effect-based lasers had given humanity access to. If Anderson is Councilor, the Commander can still be granted Spectre status, but this is played down as being a mostly symbolic gesture. Harkin | The difference in total war assets in Mass Effect 3 is like 30 or so points you can safely kill the council and still come away just fine in Mass Effect 3. Their names are Tevos (Asari), Valern (Salarian), and Sparatus (Turian). Associate members may bring issues to the attention of the Council, though they have no impact on their final decision. But when Shepard returns, the Commander realizes the Council is only prepared to put up a blockade to stop Saren reaching the Citadel itself, and they had no intention of going to Ilos. 1 Overview 2 August Bradley 3 Moshae Sjefa 4 Nakmor Morda 5 Salarian Pathfinder 5.1 Pathfinder Hayjer 5.2 Pathfinder Raeka Four options for the ambassador will be presented with varying arguments. Though the Council cannot take any official action, they offer to restore full Spectre privileges to Shepard on the condition that the Commander restricts operations to the Terminus Systems. Recognizing this sacrifice and vowing never to forget it, the Citadel Council immediately bestows upon humanity a Council Seat and Shepard can recommend either Captain Anderson or Udina for the post. They're just about as annoying if you do save the council. Their names are Tevos (Asari), Valern (Salarian), and Sparatus (Turian). Jacob repels the batarian insurgents and brings Jath'Amon to justice. Known Council members Edit 2820 CE Edit Save the council? Zaeed Massani, Villainous Organizations and Species So, I'm stuck on the decision to jeopardize the Alliance Fleet by saving the Council, or sacrificing them to save the fleet. It was only when boarding of an Asari-dominated Batarian cruiser was halted that the unexplained phenomenon presented itself, and Humanity encountered the inherent distortive effects of what is termed by Xeno-Biology as "Element … It is a triumvrate of power divided into three seats between the Asari, Salarians and Turians that is responsible for making and enacting decisions throughout the region. After confronting Jath'Amon with the evidence of his treachery during a Council meeting, the batarian releases the weapon and infects the Council. Though their exact fates after this are unknown, they likely died later when the Reapers seized control of the Citadel. Killing them saves the Alliance ships, but both the old Council and the DA are gone. Mass Effect Saving the Council- affect on ME2 User Info: Ares421 Ares421 7 months ago #1 I heard that if you don't save the Council it makes it so you can't become a Spectre until ME3. In Mass Effect 4, however, it’s not even clear that the Citadel Council will exist at all. Outer Council Space is a region of the Milky Way galaxy. Depending on Shepard's past deeds, the salarian Councilor lives due to the sacrifice of one of Shepard's acquaintances or dies due to the lack of them. This system is different from the Terran Coordinated Universal Time relied on by humans in that: As a result, a twenty-hour galactic standard day is 15.7% longer than a standard twenty-four hour Terran Coordinated Universal day, which means it lasts 27 hours, 46 minutes, and 40 seconds in Earth-based time. It consists of the majority of space claimed by the asari as well as the elcor homeworld. Goyle predicted their ulterior motives – intending to curb humanity's rapid growth and expansion – and managed to negotiate a better deal with a passionate speech about humanity's growth as a species. The Councilor reveals that Udina had been using his authority to move vast sums of money for unspecified purposes and wants to investigate these illicit activities. A lasting result of the Rachni Wars was the Council's establishment of new laws which prohibited the activation of uncharted mass relays. The Eclipse | Unfortunately, Saren secretly sabotaged the mission and falsified his report to make Anderson look responsible for the destruction of a refinery that killed hundreds of innocent people. Commander Shepard's induction into the Spectres is seen as the first step toward humanity gaining a seat on the Citadel Council, but this is a thorny issue as humans are still newcomers. Alternatively the Alliance fleet can save the Ascension and the Council, albeit at the cost of many human lives - in this event, the Council accepts that the Reapers are real and humans are invited to join the Council, with either Captain Anderson or Ambassador Udina as representative. Go. Some 400 years after the end of the Rachni Wars, the Council once again found itself embroiled in a galaxy-wide conflict. Though they have no official power over the independent governments of other species, the Council's decisions carry great weight throughout the galaxy. During their investigations, they discover that the true purpose of the peace talks is to facilitate an assassination attempt on the Council by means of a deadly bio-weapon. Ka'hairal Balak | With the Citadel Council … The Council's ultimate response depends entirely on the status of the Council itself: if the paragon option was chosen and the original council spared, they offer to reinstate Shepard's Spectre status, if only as lip service to their earlier debt of gratitude. Warden Kuril, Other Villains The salarians took the least damage from the reapers. At some point following the Reaper invasion, Tevos became embroiled in a controversy when evidence was leaked that a group of matriarchs within the highest levels of the asari government had concealed the existence of the Prothean beacon within the Temple of Athame from the Council, only revealing it w… Yes Votes: 77 88.5% No Votes: 10 11.5% Total voters 87; 1; 2; Next. Wouldn't be surprised if the Volus would be invited to the council, as they are financial specialist, and could solve the poor economy following the war. The Ascension is worth 70 pts in the final battle, the Alliance First and Third Fleets are both worth 90 on their own, or a combined 180. Co-founded by the Andromeda Initiative and the Angaran Resistance shortly after the Battle for Meridian in 2819, the initial primary goal was the development of a galactic council and deciding how the Milky Way races continue to live in the Andromeda Galaxy. Meeting in Udina's office, this councilor reveals there is an artifact on Thessia that could reveal the nature of the final piece of the Crucible: the Catalyst. Dalatrass Linron | I don't see either of Krogan, Quarian, and Geth joining the council. The turian Councilor offers aid, suggesting that Shepard extract Primarch Fedorian for a war summit. So, I've just finished mass effect and have been wondering what are the effects of sparring or saving the council. CDEM logs all ships passing through the DMZ and has the right to board and search them at any time and for any reason. As Goyle left, she realised that the Council had anticipated all her requests, agreed measures in advance, and subtly let her know that she had a lot to learn about galactic politics. History . They're just about as annoying if you do save the council. It also encompasses books, comics, and films. When the Citadel fails to respond, the Council is evacuated to the Destiny Ascension, which then comes under heavy fire. The krogan, having exploded in numbers and encroaching on the territories of other races, were asked by the Council to withdraw from the asari colony of Lusia. The Council is an executive committee composed of one representative each from the member species. However, after Shepard presents proof that Saren has not only gone rogue but is in league with Matriarch Benezia, the Council agrees to promote Shepard to the role of Spectre granting him/her the authority to bring Saren to justice. Forum; Articoli. It is worth 25 points and can be received for: Find all primary Alien: Council Races, Extinct Races and Non-Council Races codex entries Admiral Han'Gerrel vas Neema | The turians inflicted a lethal blow using the salarian-developed genophage; without the ability to quickly replenish their forces, the krogan dwindled. The Citadel Council is the governing body of the Citadel. Basically, a Paragon run will report back and put up with their abuse and defend yourself calmly. Golo'Mekk vas Usela | Maelon Heplorn | I 10 migliori RPG; Articoli Dragon Age; Articoli Fallout; Codex Mass Effect; Articoli Skyrim; Recensioni; Guide. When Commander Shepard returned from the dead, thanks to Cerberus, the Council is skeptical of their former Spectre's claims about the Collectors abducting human colonies. Council Fleet. Maya Brooks | Please try to avoid spoilers. Conversely, the Renegade option of leaving the Council to die results in Udina replacing them with an all-human council, championing the pro-human/anti-alien sentiment common to Renegade Shepard. Yet this choice seems to have been ignored when importing my save. Humanity and The Council - A lot of decisions go into the fate of Humanity and the Council at the end of Mass Effect. Council Demilitarization Enforcement Mission. Feb 6, 2014 - Welcome to the Dorkly YouTube channel.For Advertising Inquiries, email ads@chmedia.com Based at Pildea Station, CDEM's patrols oversee the entire Krogan Demilitarized Zone. 10:02. In recognition of their role during and after the Rebellions, the turians were inducted into the Citadel Council as the third race with full membership. The Council remains convinced that the Reapers are not real, only seeing Saren as a master manipulator who plotted to attack the Citadel and would not reveal his true motives. shick option do i pick that has best outcome? Nassana Dantius | Renegade Commander Shepard | There's no real effect on the story. Mass Effect. 1 of 2 Go to page. Since 900 CE, the turians have filled the military and peacekeeping niche in Citadel space vacated by the krogan. In the Mass Effect universe, there are two "warrior races," those being the reptilian Krogan and the Roman Empire-inspired Turians.