Piaggio Fast Forward Introduces the All New gita Robot. About Piaggio Fast Forward . A day’s worth of play all packed away and following right behind you. Gita is the first innovative project of Piaggio Fast Forward (PFF), the Boston-based robotics and future mobility company of the Piaggio Group. BOSTON – Piaggio Fast Forward today launched its all new gita robot, a mobile robot that can follow people on the go, with the ability to tote up to 40 pounds of belongings, including items such as groceries, a gym bag, backpack, and other items. Gita’s maker is Piaggio Fast Forward (part of the group that makes the jazzy Italian scooter of the same name) and company reps say to imagine you’re walking around with a small child—basically, be mindful of where you are walking and move a little slower than usual. Get out, get … About Piaggio Fast Forward The robot, with a retail price of $3,250, will be available on Nov. 18, the company said. “The gita robot is a fundamental step toward the future of mobility for Piaggio Group. The gita robot follows you on your walking journey wherever that may take you. Please visit mygita.com to place your order or learn more about gita. Piaggio Fast Forward, Piaggio's American sibling established in 2015, has been testing the Gita, a two-foot-high, two-wheeled mobile carrying robot, out of its Boston offices for a while now. You can sign up online mygita.com to receive info on … Founded by the Piaggio Group in 2015, Piaggio Fast Forward (PFF) has been committed to revolutionizing active mobility with lightweight, intelligent solutions that help people move more easily, more often and more enjoyably. It is a unique follow-me robot carrier, with a payload of 20 kg, designed to follow the user indoors and outdoors, at a top speed of 10 km/hour and with a 4-hour battery life. Poetry in motion. The company has not yet disclosed a price, but it could start popping up in … Piaggio Fast Forward Gita will be available on November 18, 2019 for a retail price of $3,250. Piaggio Fast Forward was founded in 2015 by the Piaggio … Our objective is to create an innovative consumer product that is efficient and easy to use while also enhancing daily life,” said Michele Colaninno, PFF’s Chairman. Gita became available for purchase on the United States market at the end of November of 2019. Gita is a two-wheeled, cargo-carrying robotic vehicle developed by Piaggio Fast Forward, a Boston area startup and subsidiary of Piaggio.. Gita prototypes were first introduced in February 2017. BOSTON, Oct. 15, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Committed to revolutionizing active mobility, Piaggio Fast Forward (PFF) today unveils the all new gita, a … Today, Piaggio Fast Forward (PFF) announces its first enterprise test programs which introduce gita, the innovative following robot for business applications.