Check out all the options here. Fill glass jars or other decorative … Try to use, for a photo-centered theme. This makes a fun and memorable highlight to a great party. Update: Check out these photo collage lampshades here too, they have different sizes and some of the smaller ones might work out more cost-effective. Then ask them to tag the page. Throw a Luau at Cliff House, Torcross, Devon. You can easily recreate this look with these custom photo collage lampshades (other styles available), available here. Check out my other page of 60th birthday gifts for ideas for food & drink connoisseurs, such as the ones below. Check them out here. with some of these tapestries, the design looks best when you add something to blend the hard edges. Check them out here. Then, collect all the images in a personalized photo book using one image per page to create an entire book of reasons they're loved by friends and family. These photo yard signs would make a great entrance to a 60th birthday. You can get the balloons individually here for just $1.99 and they're a reputable supplier so you shouldn't have any those problems with them not inflating like with the low quality ones sold on Amazon. Recommendations for tasteful and sophisticated 60th birthday party invitations. Alternatively follow the "Enjoy this page?" Just upload a photo and they'll create a custom pinata in their likeness (or they can create them from photos of a favorite pet). If you're laying on a buffet or catering to large numbers, you can get some pretty good premium plastic cutlery in either gold, silver, or rose gold, available here, or even with a glitter finish, available here. Just Google 'printable letters' to find some free templates that you can email to friends and family. Ask them to color their letter in (you might want to tell everyone which color to choose), take a photo against a light colored wall, and then email it back to you to arrange into one image. I came across this party, below left, by Kelly at Talk of the House, and another, below center left, by Tammy at Maghily's - Party in Style where they'd both created a dessert table for their grandparent's birthday consisting of 'a few of their favorite things'. Why you probably don't need a theme to go with these 60th birthday party ideas. Finally, blow up a large photo of the birthday boy or girl, one that has plenty of space around the edges, and have people sign this. There are lots of different designs available, many which allow you to upload a photo, and some are available as printable files so you can run off as many as you like at home. You can get these as giant circular ballons which look great when filled with helium and arranged in clusters at varing heights, as in the photo below, or regular oval shaped ones. If you're choosing a decades pack, remember to think about what year they would have been around 8-10 years old. Alternatively, pop them into celophane bags and give them out as party favors. These feature additional design motifs and text boxes, so if you can't arrange for everyone to take a custom photo in time, you can have people email you the sentiments and you can type them directly into the book and attribute it to them alongside any picture that's easier for you to source. These photos of number-related facts about a couple on their 50th Wedding Anniversary, from Marta Writes, is another cute idea that can be repurposed for a 60th birthday party. Turning years is a precious thing, and having a barbecue in the garden can become an incredible party. Similar to the '60 Messages from 60 Friends' idea above, this version by Holly at Nothing But Bonfires, focuses more on memories and friendships, rather than just birthday greetings, to celebrate '60 Years of Memories'. Use them to spell out things like 'welcome', the birthday boy / girl's name, the year of their birth, their age; 60 or forty, phrases such as 'forty & fabulous', 'cheers', or just 'happy birthday'. Check them out here. The first, below left, is to set up a large dictionary and ask each guest to leave a message highlighting a word that describes the birthday boy / girl. 60th Birthday Party Ideas. Take the opportunity of a 60th to shower the birthday guest with love. Alternatively, if the birthday boy / girl has a particular hobby or interest, base your guest book around this. Just upload different photos of the birthday boy or girl throughout the years and it will be printed onto each sheet in a mosaic effect. Marking the occasion with a special experience is a must – even in these uncertain times. You don't even have to get friends and family members together to produce this. If you're setting up a dessert or buffet table, position two lamps you already own—one at each end—with these custom shades to add height to your display with a really personal touch. Alternatively, you can do a lot with these giant foam letters, such as dressing them with foliage and flowers or using them to support a table top, or you can use smaller ones to spell out longer phrases. Set up a chalk board with instructions for guests and ask everyone to stick their photo into a guest book and leave a message for the birthday boy / girl. Check out my other page of 60th birthday gifts for a selection of lighthearted, humerous, and fun gift ideas, such as the ones below. Or you can get printable signs here, such as the one below center right (other designs available). Some other fun games include Table Topics (available here), which includes great conversation starters such as 'What did you get into trouble for the most when you were young? 60th Birthday Gifts for Men and Women - Happy Prank Toilet Paper - 60th Birthday Decorations for Him, Her - Party Supplies Favors Ideas - Funny Gag Gifts, Novelty Bday Present for Friends, Family 4.7 out of … I think you’re far better off creating one Come up with a theme. The ideas below are all about celebrating the person, not just their age, and making their 60th birthday party as personal as possible. You could display facts about the birthday boy / girl, relating each one to a number from 1 - 60, or you could display facts about the year they were born that relate to each number. Bring in his favorite brew and consider renting a bartender for some local brews on tap. Check out all the options here. Another easy way to decorate bars, buffet, dessert, and occasional tables is with these personalized tabletop standees. Don't worry if you can manage to get 60 people to send in messages, any number will do.The birthday boy or girl will be really touched to hear from so many people in such as personal way. You can have these printable memory cards customized with a photo collage on the reserve, then print off a stack and set up a table at the party for people to fill them in over the course of the evening. It involves a judge selecting a black card with a phrase such as "Life for the Native Americans was forever changed after the white man introduced them to ____________.". Note: You can also change the spearmint green background color shown in the examples below during the customization process by selecting "customize it", then "images & background", then "edit your background", and chosing a color from the swatches shown. Glitter Gold Number "60" Cupcake Toppers 12CT. Thoughtful and fun ideas for how to celebrate on the day. These custom temporary tattoos, with options to include a photo of the birthday boy/girl, are a fun conversation and selfie starter! An easy way to decorate larger areas is to use these custom photo banners to create a 'Through the Years' collage using pictures of the birthday boy or girl at various stages of their life. Send your guests home with something special. Alternatively, you could arrange them on a display board and use it as a backdrop to the bar / dessert table as in the example below right. Black, cream and gold formed the elegant color palette, and every detail was customized to picture perfection. Once you have your party theme picked out, you can start sending out invites. Check them out here. Perhaps you’ve had to postpone a holiday because of the pandemic. These cool balloons, printed with funny or adult slogans, are a great way to make traditional party decorations a bit grown up. If you're not very crafty, you can stil achieve a similar effect with one of these photo collage table runners. Instead you could ask each person to take their own and email it to you. Written by Shutterfly Community Last Updated: Jan 18, 2019. You can also incorporate family pictures to show the legacy they’ve created. The following 60th birthday party ideas for women are great ways to have fun and show your Mom you care. Toast the honoree and all the amazing things they’ve done. Are you wondering where to celebrate your 60th birthday? Nowadays these are really inexpensive to have professionally made (short ones with 30 photos are only $30). They come as either a set of 6 or 15, with the set of 6 only $30 so it's a pretty inexpensive way to create a big first impression as guests arrive. This would be a far more cost-effective and easy option, but the downside is that they're smaller and not illuminated. If you've made the effort to create something special like this, think about turning it into a canvas print (which you could then frame as a birthday gift)—you can check out all the options here. Note: be sure to practice marking out the shape of the numbers first to ensure the widths are all in proportion—there are lots of examples of "Pinterest Fails" all over the web where people have tried to arrange the photos themselves and they come out too thin and tall, or don't match each other, and the display just ends up looking messy and amatuerish. Alternatively, check out the full range of designs available here. What better way to make it personal than with these custom face cookie cutters made from a photo of the birthday boy or girl! A nice way to enhance the presentation of this idea is to create envelope liners using different photos of the birthday boy or girl from different stages of their life, e.g a baby photo, college graduation, wedding etc. A special birthday party requires some special & creative ideas. Alternatively, check out Slideshow Examples Video 2, the second video below right, which is available here. Then, once the party is over, send guests home with their own, Everyone knows he’s the ultimate brewmaster, so celebrate his birthday with beers and cheers. Check out the icing sheets here. Check them out here. The easiest way to achieve this is through attention to detail; add a few personalized touches to the most common party elements. Finally, for those who prefer safer fun, there's this printable Younger or Older game (available here) where guests have to guess whether the birthday honoree is younger or older than celebrities, TV shows, popular toys, and more from years gone by. Update: If you're not very crafty and just want a quick fix, you can now buy these lanterns ready-made with your choice of photos and, in some cases, added text. We’ve seen a huge rise in popularity with the yard letter signs and we’re … Again, I would suggest using a selection of photos from different stages of the birthday boy or girl's life. This is an extra sweet birthday theme. ', or 'Has your person ever been arrested?'. As the birthday boy or girl is likely to keep the returned postcards for years to come, a really nice way to enhance them is to use these personalized photo stamps (below left). I suggest taking the same approach when choosing a group activity to celebrate their birthday. of the room to tie everything together. Update: I recently came across this site which has lots of great templates for personalized wine and beer bottles, such as the ones below, that you can customize with your own photos and text. Make sure that your party has something guests can enjoy and talk about in the years to come. You can keep up with my latest ideas if you ‘Like’ me on Facebook or follow me on Pinterest. Check them out here. Also decorate with sepia colored decor and old-fashioned food and drinks. The artist will crop, edit, and arrange your photos—along with any text you provide—resulting in a high resolution 12" x 36" image you can then print yourself. Just upload a photo of the birthday boy or girl and they'll create a custom pinata in their image.