Crossing the ocean in one, now that's some survival shit. While readers can use this as “guide book” to get a boat and plot an adventure crossing an ocean, it also gives readers an in-depth look at the deteriorating state of our oceans and ways both boaters and sailors and the “landlocked” citizens of earth to improve the quality of our waters. They may take a ­little elbow grease and require a few new parts, but here’s a look at nine of the best cruising sailboats that can sail afar for less than $100,000. The Voyager. Whether it is heading across Biscay, voyaging south to the Azores, or heading north to Norway and Iceland, leaving the coast behind can be the adventure of a lifetime for most coastal cruising sailors. Drifting around from island to island on a 40 footer, sweet. Attempts to set sailing records by crossing the Atlantic Ocean were nothing new even in 1964, but one man’s attempt stands out for the small size of his sea-crossing vessel, a 12 foot boat … More Sailboats. By John Kretschmer. A modern design ocean sailboat should be capable of making way at close to if not above double digits. Off Watch: Globe Girdling. These are little boats for living large on a giant ocean. Remember, the ocean is essentially limitless when you’re on a boat, and while a boat may be perfectly competent to take offshore, some will burn a lot more fuel than others doing so. Many small well-designed sailboats are very seaworthy by being ballasted, properly shaped and sealed. Others have also made that perilous crossing – the difference with Hugo’s achievement was that he made it in the smallest boat, measuring 5ft 4inches. There are so many old fiberglass boats around I think a little work would make a lot of them suitable for long distance cruising. So what size yacht can you safely take offshore, or even across an ocean in? Hundreds of sailing yachts make the Atlantic Ocean crossing each year. A Korean War fighter pilot and former Delta Airlines Captain, Vihlen previously made an 85 day crossing in 1968 in what was then the smallest boat to have made the journey, the 5ft 11inch sailing boat April Fool . The Smallest Boat Atlantic Crossing World Record. On June 1, 1965 Robert Manry, a copy editor for the Plain Dealer and a Willowick, Ohio resident, left Falmouth, Massachusetts aboard his 13.5-foot sailboat, Tinkerbelle, to begin his voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. How To. In 1979, Gerry Spiess sailed Yankee Girl solo across the North Atlantic Ocean to set a world's record for the smallest boat crossing, west to east. Well, clearly 30 feet. Andrews tried again in 1898 to cross the Atlantic in the 13' "Phantom Ship" but failed after 27 days at sea. Every aspect of the design and build is top-notch, and the boats consistently win their class in rallies and other regattas where cruising boats can compete. Crossing an Ocean on a Kadey-Krogen 42. Massagemaking vessels (ocean crossing boats) are built with a different set of requirements and design decisions, then the local harbor play toy of the folks who've gotten a second mortgage. While you probably wouldn’t want to do an ocean crossing in this vessel, it might be able to handle one if the weather stayed calm for an extended period of time. SAILED BY HUGO VIHLEN FROM NEWFOUNDLAND TO ENGLAND, “FATHER’S DAY” IS THE SMALLEST BOAT TO EVER CROSS THE ATLANTIC OCEAN. Gear. By removing the sailing hardware and adding rowing gear, you can transform the boat into an ocean rower. For Richard Bost, life is a series of adventures piled one on top of the other in a never-ending procession. Crossed the Atlantic from New Jersey to Portugal, and his record for the smallest boat crossing stood for 73 years. At the time of the crossing Tinkerbelle was the smallest boat to have ever crossed the Atlantic. People. It worked for me. For about the same price as a small house ($250,000), you can call this boat your home. For a couple, boats from around 24' - 25' and up seem to have done the job. It is possible, however, to modify a small sailboat into a rowboat.