Good day, @Budsmom. This has become such a problem for some bank customers (where they are charged fees on the money they weren't aware they had) that a law was proposed in Sept. 2013, called the Freedom and Mobility in Consumer Banking Act, which would essentially only allow the named account holder(s) to re-open a closed account. Sub: Request to Reopen My Bank Account Letter. It’s public general information that once a bank account closes, it can no longer accept remittances or transfer funds. I'm here to help inactivate a closed bank account in QBO. Ask me how to reopen gobank account after they close it with money inside. Click the drop-down arrow beside View register in the Action column. 1. Can I reactivate or reopen a closed BDO Account? PissedConsumer1905718 Aug 05, 2020 #1905718 @PissedConsumer1891319. (show your actual problem and situation). Speak to your bank to find out exactly why they closed your account, and to learn how much money you owe them in overdraft charges and fees. Your bank will report any amount that you owe to ChexSystems. Some Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who are working outside the Philippines might want to reopen their closed bank account … Every banker will swear up and down that it’s not possible to re-open a closed account if you ask, but it is possible, and I’ve seen it done under rare circumstances. UPDATE: June 20th 2014 Dear Manager, This letter is to request a reopen of account. Older versions may limit your ability to … ; Deleting the account will not remove the transactions. To finally answer the question, No, you cannot reactivate an already closed BDO Account. What information is needed to reopen a closed account by phone? 1.1K views . Advertisements. If you no longer use a bank account and the bank account has the status Active, you can close the bank account. Here's how: Go to the Gear Icon and select Chart of Accounts. Depending on how long your account has been closed, we may be able to reactivate the account. ; Locate the account you want to delete. If you're eager to re-open that closed bank account even if it has service fees you need to pay, you can talk to your bank and make sure to bring a valid ID (government-issued). Reply 0 0. How. From the bank account list, select one or more account entries, and then choose the Delete button to delete the selected account entries. If a bank closed your account due to a lost or stolen debit card, or confirmed fraudulent activity for which you are not responsible, the bank will usually open another account immediately. You can reopen a closed bank account when necessary. I had a current account in your bank last year which I had closed due to having no excess cash and zero balance. But now I need an account in which my monthly salary would be credited. GoBank - Go bank closed my account. The information must be verified or obtained before an account can be reopened by phone. A newer version of your browser is available. The APC must contact the Client Account Unit at 1.866.670.6462 and have the following information prior to requesting the reopening of a closed account. ; Select Delete then click Yes to confirm the action. Mar 23, 2018 .