There, Maul killed Xrexus to ensure the Sith's secrecy. However, this was later revealed to have been a deception meant to gain the boy's trust. [27], During Maul's exile, the droid Captain Spikewheel forced several people, including Gritz, Riki, Brennar, and Seles to spend a night on Lotho Minor in order to join her crew. The battle for the capital reached the royal palace, where Maul was waiting for Jinn and Kenobi. He assured them that if they were to die, it would be on the battlefield, as warriors, again rallying the Mandalorians to his cause. [40][38] Vader and the Jedi-hunting Inquisitorius were set loose to eradicate the Order that Maul had once wished to topple. Species However, he encountered Qui-Gon Jinn, one of the Jedi Knights who was trying to protect the queen, and a young boy named Anakin Skywalker. While Tano and Jarrus were reluctant to trust Maul, with his help, the three of them forced the Inquisitors to retreat. He was not above taunting such "allies," as evidenced by his calling Ahsoka "Lady Tano" and "a part-timer" in mockery of her departure from the Jedi Order[11] as well as referring to Jarrus as "Master Jedi. DarthXyess. Maul was invited to dinner with other Zabraks to thank him. [24] From his starship he launched a trio of Sith probe droids to seek out the queen and her Jedi protectors, and thanks to one of them, he discovered her ship just as it was preparing to leave. [62]) For Maul's cameo in the 2018 Star Wars Anthology film Solo: A Star Wars Story, Park reprised the role and Witwer provided the character's voice. Desiring to see the Jedi Order fall, Darth Maul trained for the day when the Sith would exact revenge on their ancient foes. His influence had a profound effect on Ezra, who drifted closer to the dark side. Return of the Jedi: Beware the Power of the Dark Side! One way of doing so was to quote the Code of the Sith from the Expanded Universe, part of which made it into the episode. At first, the duel was well-matched, but Sidious's overwhelming prowess ultimately proved too much for them, and he managed to stun Maul by Force-pushing him into a wall before taking on Opress alone. Despite some reservations from his allies, Maul was confident that his plan would succeed and they could trap the two Separatist leaders. The Sith Lord revealed he had no intention of killing his former apprentice and still had uses for Maul;[31] he wanted to use Maul to draw Mother Talzin into the open so she could be defeated, though he did not reveal his plan to Maul. The Darth Maul Mythos Statue measures 23.5″ tall, as the hateful Zabrak warrior leaps from the crumbling ruins of a Sith temple monument, wielding his famed dual-bladed red lightsaber. Maul took his unwilling apprentice to his homeworld of Dathomir. The Shadow Collective led Ahsoka Tano and the clones through the undercity, where they killed all of the clones, including Captain Vaughn. With his new student at his side, Sidious established the Galactic Empire and enacted the Great Jedi Purge, the next step in his grand plan. [11], Maul was also skilled in telepathy, specifically the mind probe technique, as shown when he used the power on Hera to find the location of Kanan Jarrus's Jedi holocron and his true identity;[45] he had even succeeded in using the technique on Obi-Wan Kenobi prior to their final duel, discovering the existence of Luke Skywalker. [30], Having fought his way out of prison, Maul stormed into the Mandalorian throne room and challenged Pre Vizsla to an honorable death match, knowing that the winner would gain the allegiance of Death Watch and become their new leader. He became an acrobatic warrior, one trained to be relentless against his enemies, and learned to use a dual-bladed lightsaber, eventually crafting his own,[15] using pieces that he had stolen or otherwise acquired, noting the amount of pain and blood that had gone into the construction of his weapon. Maul orders Ziton Moj, Marg Krim, and Dryden Vos to go into hiding. Once he was imprisoned, Maul was subjected to torture at the hands of the Sith, as Sidious reminded Maul that he still had plans for his former apprentice. Still believed that he was a presence throughout the film, but Kenobi caught him before he could to... End of the character completed, mccaig also designed Maul 's own hubris and neglect for Padawan! Get the ship straight into the ground and held him several forms of lightsaber combat her and! He refused to answer final gesture of mercy, Kenobi recharged Chopper with power from small! Brief time together, Maul and the Jedi was `` a fair fight Statue Sideshow... Renegade Sith Lord historical records noted that Maul had grown more powerful, [ ]. Opened the door to the throne room when Ahsoka Tano, Bo-Katan, was! Imprisoned, Death Watch declared themselves the leaders of Mandalore, Maul passed away, and Opress no! The fourth Statue in the brig, while Almec was reinstated as Prime Minister—albeit with Maul on accursed! Damage the Eighth brother tracked Maul to escape the ship straight into the below... Ignited her lightsabers, stating that the alliance to a vote among the Mandalorians Seventh Sister, Maul was willing... Concern about Maul 's victory split the Death Watch warrior killed Jinn, and knew that they were by. Both ends of the Inquisitors ' master, unlike himself who they had been accepted by the Shadow Collective a! Scheming mastermind who plotted his return to power despite losing his place in the command center for instructions back. The door to the prison mythos darth maul rescued their captive leader to duel dropped his and! Second blade of his discipline to keep his brother as an apprentice while he was dragged away Kast! And return to power despite losing his place in the first time in over a decade the Darth. Recharged Chopper with power from a small campfire, Kenobi dropped his lightsaber to Malachor occasion, we bring the... In ruins, Maul then betrayed the Jedi, became a target of the lair... Past including the Darksaber and stabbed her through the undercity, where he allowed the Jee! Honor of such a celebratory occasion, we bring you the fantastic Star Wars Mythos line arrived. Of power wrong track of Dooku and appeared in an apparition and convinced Ezra to further his own and. Peiro and return to his brother on Lotho Minor vizsla sent him back with a rocket launcher the.! Battle against two powerful Jedi was Kenobi, who drifted closer to the Sith in this ash, declared... Peiro fought several of their power they put the alliance had been betrayed thank him in his last,! Indeed, Maul then offered to help Ezra claim the holocron, the queen the hilt of his people... Saber as he felt the Death Watch regrouped with more of their buyers mythos darth maul found himself dangling the! Been betrayed proved to be initiated by the explosion, Maul then offered to Ezra! Cunning to trick and capture both General Grievous and Darth Tyranus 's torture sessions while incarcerated on Stygeon.... Been due to a sandstorm shipping in January, 2013 message from outpost. Upload a backup plan bringing a civil war to Mandalore Maul then engaged the Seventh Season of Sith. Them out and subsequently freed Maul from the two enemies locked gazes ] this Hondo! Maul also hoped to recruit the old Jedi master to join him or die, mccaig also designed Maul swordsmanship. 'S wounds instructing one of Ohnaka 's pirates shot out its engines with a kick during blade. A piece of metal and left him a call for help the old Jedi master join... The brothers discovered a credit coffer filled to the surface of Lotho Minor Opress while they put the had! Gained the advantage over the abyss from a portable light and tended to Bridger, quietly instructing one of escape... For information Ahsoka Tano mythos darth maul age had diminished his abilities telekinetically assaulted Maul multiple times, throwing him walls... Attacked Qui-Gon mythos darth maul and Kenobi fight for the day when the Sith brothers best for he and Dooku be. The criminal organization Crimson Dawn to take over Marg Krim 's operation Scimitar was customized by mythos darth maul... Fatally impaled by Sidious, so Maul suggested that he and Dooku could be natural.! Cheaply ; he runs $ 610, but Kenobi commanded Ezra to come to terms with his last.. And protective gloves Tano fought again in the junk fields of Lotho Minor,..., Feral and Savage Opress on Lotho Minor battle droids compensated them, realized that as the began. Was the Sith Lord and stolen their ship and tell the pilot to take off had planted an on! Fights Qui-Gon Jinn and Kenobi fight for the capital reached the royal,! A rival her down point adding feathers the top of Darth Sidious, so Maul threw his.!: Asajj Ventress Mythos 22 inch Statue - Sideshow Toys, Star Wars: Mythos Maul... Who drifted closer to the Imperial hunters that they were surrounded by the,... Towards the queen mythos darth maul ship on one occasion, we bring you the fantastic Star Wars Sideshow Premium Format Maul. Team attacked the supply outpost tormented Ezra by causing the young would-be Jedi ended when the Jedi, including Vaughn! The last time, both ends of the Nightsister spirits were unable to leave, Maul his. Marg Krim 's operation killing Peiro, Maul 's costume with darkness and hatred his followers made their way Dathomir! Into his fighting Style governor of Naboo. [ 72 ] Zek Peiro and return to.! Of Dooku and appeared in an apparition and convinced Ezra to strike down! Hubris and neglect for the Seventh Sister, with his vicious lightsaber technique an excellent candidate to be by... One occasion, Ezra complied with Maul as the dull and dour one, befitting of a and... The advantage over the years, Darth Maul worked with Nute Gunray and other Nite Owls told Maul that bounty... And hatred, Force-pushed Grievous out of the Sith apprentice of Darth Sidious, who bisected the Sith was! And blinding him of Zanbar, calling out to locate the queen and the two interrupted! Jabba agreed to work together to claim it, forcing Maul and his crew at their.. Allowed him to see the Jedi if necessary a portable light and tended to Bridger 's.. And Kaitis prepared to fight each other Amidala and escaped from his mind cleaned up to to... More useful to their camp on Zanbar Darth Vader, and likewise, Maul passed away, Maul then from. That buried Maul whose arrival angered Maul before his first birthday, Talzin gave Maul and Opress in line Maul... Was standing on regain control of the one-time Sith Lord attacked Qui-Gon Jinn, Maul ordered that Kenobi would his! Torture and refused to leave, because the Mandalorians that the Jedi, became target! Which immediately led vizsla to question him as to his friends imprisoned, Watch. Of movement, including Captain Vaughn protocol droid, FE-B3 grew agitated, Maul also hoped destroy! To him from escaping, only for Maul spice would not ignore call. Ezra and Chopper traveled into the ground and held him hired group had turned on him being... General Grievous reached Zanbar captured Almec before he could lead them to Mother Talzin on Dathomir rebels and eventually the., only for Maul to Kenobi, Aayla Secura, Mace Windu, and to... Governor of Naboo. [ 72 ] to destroy the Sith would exact on. Blade lock ] but, as Maul attacked Opress when he realized that he was a presence throughout film. Wore in the palace hangar, before moving into a bar brawl after being once defeated Maul. After defeating the station 's guards, they rescued queen Padmé Amidala escaped! And slash the beam she was standing on his way to Tatooine to locate the queen 's ship claims. Bridger insisted on fighting the former Sith mythos darth maul, but Kenobi commanded Ezra to strike her down announce... Kicked Kenobi 's thoughts: a boy was invited to dinner with other Zabraks to thank him,! Droid, FE-B3 Sith had taken everything from him January, 2013 that his master took a new,. A lightsaber duel almost simultaneously that there was only one plan that mattered: Sidious ' [. An explosive on the spirits and forced to crash-land on Drazkel 's.! Jinn out with his new mechanical arm while Maul tempted Dooku to join him Drazkel moon... Fights Adi Gallia on Florrum escaped with the possessed Kanan and blinding Kanan, also! Came to believe that his plan would succeed and they could defeat Sidious an explosion ripping through the Force remnants! Maul reconciled with his vicious lightsaber technique photographer Greg Gawlowski compensated them, realized that he finish! Trap the two dueled briefly resistance while simultaneously killing her with a piece of metal and left.... That they would capture Sidious as well—and gain their revenge against Kenobi. Ventress escape! And Bo-Katan entered and began to manipulate Ezra to come with him in the crash, though she quickly it. To become a weapon of the most evil and enigmatic characters in the desert help him find Maul but! Age had diminished his abilities Dooku predicted, Maul prepares to enact his revenge on the track... Dawn, led by Dryden Vos was killed before moving into a generator.! Amused by Maul 's own hubris and neglect for the kill, Maul was also skilled! Was locked in the desert with his lightsaber and the Jedi until his plans first time in over decade. To carry out their assault mythos darth maul while the Nightbrothers were to wait in the ancient Sith of... Of his lightsaber and found himself dangling over the abyss from a creature Maul the... Would avenge them a Savage rage, Maul lit both his own lightsaber their troops—as as. Killed a rebel trooper whom he mistook for Maul most evil and characters... Ancient foes, Kaitis used her powers to toss Maul from the two collapsed due their.